How Florida Homestead Check Leveraged Automated Direct Mail to Fuel New Audience Growth


The Opportunity

Florida Homestead Check, a consumer real estate technology company, sought to expand its customer base and boost revenue. The business had success providing their tried-and-true service offering to B2B customers, but desired a new consumer focused offering for growth. They approached, a direct mail marketing agency, for assistance in creating this new campaign.

The Gameplan

With our expertise in direct mail marketing and advanced targeting technology, the agency was able to identify and reach out to potential customers who were most likely to be interested in FHC's property tax analysis tools. To enhance the campaign's effectiveness, utilized 1-to-1 QR code tracking, dynamic merge variables, and campaign attribution measuring. This allowed them to personalize the direct mail materials for each recipient and track their engagement with the campaign in real time. The use of QR codes enabled FHC to connect easily with potential customers through their smartphones and provided valuable insights. Dynamic merge variables also allowed the agency to customize the messaging and design of the direct mail materials to appeal to the unique characteristics of the target audience.

The Outcome

The campaign was a huge success, not only helping Florida Homestead Check increase revenue but also allowing them to reach a new audience they previously had not been able to target. As a result of their collaboration with, Florida Homestead Check has continued direct mail campaigns are on a continuous, monthly basis.

The Results

4 %

Conversion Rate


Average Order Value

1761 %

Return on Ad Spend

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