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Campaign Report Cards

Each campaign report card keeps your direct mail trackable & transparent in real-time.

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With Campaign Report Cards, discover tracking analytics to power your marketing touch points.

Leverage tracking insights to deepen your engagement efforts and create triggered campaigns for email & digital channels. With Campaign Report Cards, track your direct mail with:

Real-time data

You'll never miss a thing. See how your campaign performs and reaches your audience in real-time data through an easy-to-use dashboard.

USPS Delivery Insight

Each mailer uses a sophisticated tracking system that to monitor the progress of your campaign as it reached the mailbox.

Mail Transit Speeds

Let us build a direct marketing audience that fits your customer profile by leveraging our network of B2B & B2C partners to identify and reach new prospects.

Attribution Tracking

Sync your direct mail campaign tracking and insights to your CRM, ERP or Automated Marketing Platform.

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